Check out these e-paper sneakers


Chinese ‘nail houses’ are a thing

Pictures of Chinese people who didn’t want to move for the new highway or apartmentcomplex. Even when the construction has started.


As long as people continue to stand there ground, the conflicts can drag on for years. Mostly it comes down to money. Although most eventually give up some homeowners end up receiving a higher price than was offered to them initially.

chinahouse1 chinahouse4 chinahouse5 chinahouse6

nailhouse7 nailshouse8 nailshouse9

Apple’s new typeface

With the introduction of the Apple Watch they also introduced a new typeface; ‘San Francisco’. The new typeface is designed to be readable on tiny display’s.


You can find a in-dept analyse of the typeface on typedetail.


What happens when you replace our sun with other stars

What if we replaced the sun

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