Building the Statue of Liberty

Constructing one of the most famous statues in the world.

De Statue of Liberty was build in Paris and then shipped to New York.


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4 responses to “Building the Statue of Liberty”

  1. jarvisandbeetle says :

    wow amazing pictures – love the one with the toes in it

  2. Akanksha says :

    Let me know if you are interesting in contributing an article on “Life In a Metro” weekly theme of BBOOKS.
    More details on my blog..

    • Arjen says :

      Thanks for the honor, but im really an impulsive blogger so its really hard for me to force something out of my head on to a website that has got something to do with the central subject. So i will pass

      Thanks again!

      • Akanksha says :

        okie, do let me know if any of your existing post matches the theme, I am not saying to write solely for this one, theme changes every week and you can submit on any of them…Akanksha

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