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Apple’s new typeface

With the introduction of the Apple Watch they also introduced a new typeface; ‘San Francisco’. The new typeface is designed to be readable on tiny display’s.


You can find a in-dept analyse of the typeface on typedetail.



All Jersey’s of the 2014 World Cup

An overview of all the team-shirts for the worldcup football in Brazil this year.


iMilk, Nike Fruits and Versace Eggs

This is what would happen if famous brand would do food branding. Check all the items out on the website of Peddy Mergui.

prada flour chanel child nutricion apple milk packagng versache eggs

10 Extremely Cool Wall Clocks

1. Clockone e-paper clock

clockone 2 epaper

clock one

2. Modaine (Inspired by the Swiss railway)

swiss railway clock

 3 Black & While by Vladin Kibardin

Schermafbeelding 2014-04-20 om 18.39.44

4. Newyork

newyork wallclock

5. Karlsson Big Flip Clock



6. Karlsson

carlsson clock


7.Wall Clock Giha Woo

wall clock batterys

wall clock batterys in view

 8 . The 5 O’clock

5 o clock

9. Hundreds Tens Units




10. Karlsson Time Talk Flip Clock

Karlsson Time Talk Flip Clock

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