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Close-Up Photos of Snowflakes

Alexey Kljatov (a Russian photographer) made a rig comprised of a working camera lens, a wooden board, some screws and old camera parts to capture a close-up of snowflakes. These photo’s show a amazing six-sided symmetry.

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The Transformation Of Paris 1900 to 2013

Check out this website! By sliding the red bar in the photo you can see the transformation of Paris from the 1900’s into today.

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Stunning Photos Of NASA’s Space Program

I found these really great photos of the American Spaceprogram. You can Check all of them out on Dan Winters Website. Some of them remind me of the inside of Google’s datacenter.

american spaceprogram american spaceprogram2 american spaceprogram inside vessel american spaceprogram satelite american spaceprogram red phone american spaceprogram shoot into the sky

New York City’s Central Park From The Sky

Sergey Semonov (a Russian photographer) submitted the image to the Epson International Photographic Pano Awards, and took first prize in the amateur category. Click the photo for the big image.


A World Without people

Silent World is a photo serie by Lucie & Simon. If you have seen the move ‘i am legend’ the images are quit familiar.

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