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10 Extremely Cool Wall Clocks

1. Clockone e-paper clock

clockone 2 epaper

clock one

2. Modaine (Inspired by the Swiss railway)

swiss railway clock

 3 Black & While by Vladin Kibardin

Schermafbeelding 2014-04-20 om 18.39.44

4. Newyork

newyork wallclock

5. Karlsson Big Flip Clock



6. Karlsson

carlsson clock


7.Wall Clock Giha Woo

wall clock batterys

wall clock batterys in view

 8 . The 5 O’clock

5 o clock

9. Hundreds Tens Units




10. Karlsson Time Talk Flip Clock

Karlsson Time Talk Flip Clock


The Coolest Door In The Universe

This Evolution Door by artist Austrian Klemens Torggler is possibly the coolest door ever.

Klemens Torggler Door

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Apple iWatch Concept Design

The best iWatch concepts i have seen yet. I would definitely wear this design from Todd Hamilton day to day.

iwatch concept design

iwatch concept design mockup home

iwatch concept design mockup all screens

Toyota’s First Fuel Cell Powerd Car Will Be On The Road in 2015

Yes its UGLY, but its great news for the environment. This Fuel Cell car can drive up to 500km and unlike electrical cars you can fuell it up 100% in 5 minutes.


The fuell cell technologyy creats energy from hydrogen, which is not only environmentally friendly and highly energy-efficient, but can also be produced using a variety of readily available raw materials.

Fuell cell car toyota

The first cars will only be sold in California because thats the only place in the world where they have special fuell cell gas stations for now.


Bamboo Smartphone

Wood seems to be the new trend in gadget land. After seeing wooden sunglasses & iPad/iPhone docks now check out this bamboo smartphone from ad creations.

baboo jungle phone bamboo smartphone ad creative bamboo smartphone2

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