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5 Funny Ads to Start Your Week With a Smile

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10 Creative Hubba Bubba Gum Ad’s

I remember this Gum Brand from when i was young. Never knew they used such creative advertising.

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10 Painfully Incorrect Ads From Still Existing Brands

Its hard to imagine that the big brands of today hadĀ advertisingĀ like this only a few decades ago.




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10 Examples Of Wrong Ad Placement

Im always amazed by weird places advertises choose to promote there products and position there brands. These are a few examples that are just silly.

Bergmann-funeral-services-using-humor-in-the-wrong-place UAoBz b359fbb70b7ca0b86a616da56a37b06a_width_600x Read More…

10 Confronting Ads from the World Wildlife Fund for Nature

As Creative as they are confronting. Thats the best way to describe these ads from the WWF.

sealion_zeehond_wwf_shocking_ad forrest_wwf_advertising leaf oil_drum_city_wwf

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