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10 Creative Hubba Bubba Gum Ad’s

I remember this Gum Brand from when i was young. Never knew they used such creative advertising.

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10 Painfully Incorrect Ads From Still Existing Brands

Its hard to imagine that the big brands of today had advertising like this only a few decades ago.




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10 Examples Of Wrong Ad Placement

Im always amazed by weird places advertises choose to promote there products and position there brands. These are a few examples that are just silly.

Bergmann-funeral-services-using-humor-in-the-wrong-place UAoBz b359fbb70b7ca0b86a616da56a37b06a_width_600x Read More…

Get The Respect You Deserve

I really like this advertisement cause its: simple, funny and gets the message across.




VW Get In Happy Super Bowl Commercial

Personally i think VW won the race for best Super Bowl commercial again after last years little Darth Father.


Oh and its the USA so of course there is a racism debate going on about the commercial.

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