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Apple’s new typeface

With the introduction of the Apple Watch they also introduced a new typeface; ‘San Francisco’. The new typeface is designed to be readable on tiny display’s.


You can find a in-dept analyse of the typeface on typedetail.



iMilk, Nike Fruits and Versace Eggs

This is what would happen if famous brand would do food branding. Check all the items out on the website of Peddy Mergui.

prada flour chanel child nutricion apple milk packagng versache eggs

Redesigning A Smoke Detector

Since i got so much positive feedback on my redesign of the RandomReader. I decided to do a other redesign of a product that irritates me with its ugliness. The smoke detector.


The functional requirements of a smoke alarm are basically:  lots of openings, a led indicator and a test button. For my quick redesign i used the form of a AirportExtreme router from Apple and the front pannel of a Jawbone speaker.



Apple iWatch Concept Design

The best iWatch concepts i have seen yet. I would definitely wear this design from Todd Hamilton day to day.

iwatch concept design

iwatch concept design mockup home

iwatch concept design mockup all screens

iPhone 6 Design Concept (Video)

Very nice looking design concept for the iPhone6. I still hope Apple will add some color to the new design like they did with the iPod.

iphone-6-concept-mocup-design2 iphone-6-concept-mocup-design


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