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Smart Bridge Design Turns Pilons Into Apartment Buildings

I am fascinated by this bridge design. At the most southern tip of Italy the local government decided to take a section of the highway out of use and build a new main road.

They held a design competition to find a way to reuse the old concrete viaducts that run between hills. The winner: A design that adds new housing, offices, and stores directly into each bridge


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Impossible Architecture By Filip Dujardin

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-30 om 18.39.21

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The Evolution of NYC’s Skyline

Amazing what a small 150 years can do. Click on the Photo for a larger version

When video projection meets great architecture

This video projection will blow you away! The O (Omicron) is a permanent installation in the Hala Stulecia (Wroclaw, Poland).

This characteristic building houses the houses the second largest dome in the world (with a diameter of 65 meters!).

Romain Tardy & Thomas Vaquié created an mind blowing video projection that highlights this dome in a very unique way. It’s like the building is trying to take you in.

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The Big 5 Apple stores

The big 5 Apple stores you a Apple nerd needs to visit before he can die peacefully.

^ West 14th Street New york

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