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When video projection meets great architecture

This video projection will blow you away! The O (Omicron) is a permanent installation in the Hala Stulecia (Wroclaw, Poland).

This characteristic building houses the houses the second largest dome in the world (with a diameter of 65 meters!).

Romain Tardy & Thomas Vaquié created an mind blowing video projection that highlights this dome in a very unique way. It’s like the building is trying to take you in.

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Building the Statue of Liberty

Constructing one of the most famous statues in the world.

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Inside the world’s largest building

Built by Communist Party leader, Nicolae Ceausescu, the colossal Palace of the Parliament (formerly known as the People’s Palace) is the world’s largest civilian building. The Palace measures 270 m by 240 m, 86 m high (and 92 m underground!). It took 20,000 workers and 700 architects to build.

Entire neighborhoods were destroyed to make way for this building, Equal to an area the size of Venice. Among that which has been lost are churches, synagogues, valuable historic constructions and 40.000 people were forced to move!

The Inside

The Palace contains a massive array of miscellaneous conference halls, salons, etc.

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Building the olympic stadion 2012 London

Photos – Constructing the 2012 olympic Stadium in London.


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Bosco Verticale

Wonen in een bos op 100 hoog. Beelden van een geweldig project door architect Stefano Boeri dat op dit moment in Milaan wordt uitgevoerd.

Tijdens de bouw:

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