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Toyota’s First Fuel Cell Powerd Car Will Be On The Road in 2015

Yes its UGLY, but its great news for the environment. This Fuel Cell car can drive up to 500km and unlike electrical cars you can fuell it up 100% in 5 minutes.


The fuell cell technologyy creats energy from hydrogen, which is not only environmentally friendly and highly energy-efficient, but can also be produced using a variety of readily available raw materials.

Fuell cell car toyota

The first cars will only be sold in California because thats the only place in the world where they have special fuell cell gas stations for now.



Citroën DS

The mexican artist Gabriel Orozco tried to highlight the special fish shape of this legendary car by cutting out the middle part.

citroen ds

citroen ds without middle

VW Get In Happy Super Bowl Commercial

Personally i think VW won the race for best Super Bowl commercial again after last years little Darth Father.


Oh and its the USA so of course there is a racism debate going on about the commercial.

Designing A Sports car

Below is a interesting movie showing the design phases of the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo. Im not a big sports car fan but i liked the design until they put on the shiny grey finish.

On / Off Road

I dont know why but i always like the use of animals in car advertising. This is Mitsubishi’s way of pointing out that there car is also suitable for the modern jungle.

In addition i also found these

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