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Chinese ‘nail houses’ are a thing

Pictures of Chinese people who didn’t want to move for the new highway or apartmentcomplex. Even when the construction has started.


As long as people continue to stand there ground, the conflicts can drag on for years. Mostly it comes down to money. Although most eventually give up some homeowners end up receiving a higher price than was offered to them initially.

chinahouse1 chinahouse4 chinahouse5 chinahouse6

nailhouse7 nailshouse8 nailshouse9


Gangnam Style Without Music

After hearing the song for 754 times on the radio a version without music doest sound like a bad idea. But it actually makes the video even more uncomfortable.

Amazing photos of the Tianjin West station

Desolate maar mooie foto’s van het immense Tianjin West station

Work in China by Edward Burtynsky

Als je van herhaling houd in fotografie of in werk. Dan is dit zeker iets voor jou. Edward Burtynsky heeft een verbluffende serie gemaakt waarin hij het fabrieksleven in China portretteert.

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