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Stunning Photos Of NASA’s Space Program

I found these really great photos of the American Spaceprogram. You can Check all of them out on Dan Winters Website. Some of them remind me of the inside of Google’s datacenter.

american spaceprogram american spaceprogram2 american spaceprogram inside vessel american spaceprogram satelite american spaceprogram red phone american spaceprogram shoot into the sky


Robert Longo

A quick look at the work of Robert Longo. I really like his style and diversity in subjects.

^ Men in the Cities (this was his breakthrough)

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Tommy Ingberg

Another great photo artist that makes surrealistic black and white photo’s. These remind me a bit of the movie Metropolis (1927)

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Jim Kazanjian, a photoshop artist

Jim Kazanjian creates photo’s of a dark fantasy world by weaving together hundreds of real life photographs of nature, of architecture and landscapes.

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The Good stuff

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