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Apple’s new typeface

With the introduction of the Apple Watch they also introduced a new typeface; ‘San Francisco’. The new typeface is designed to be readable on tiny display’s.


You can find a in-dept analyse of the typeface on typedetail.



Smart Bridge Design Turns Pilons Into Apartment Buildings

I am fascinated by this bridge design. At the most southern tip of Italy the local government decided to take a section of the highway out of use and build a new main road.

They held a design competition to find a way to reuse the old concrete viaducts that run between hills. The winner: A design that adds new housing, offices, and stores directly into each bridge


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10 Extremely Cool Wall Clocks

1. Clockone e-paper clock

clockone 2 epaper

clock one

2. Modaine (Inspired by the Swiss railway)

swiss railway clock

 3 Black & While by Vladin Kibardin

Schermafbeelding 2014-04-20 om 18.39.44

4. Newyork

newyork wallclock

5. Karlsson Big Flip Clock



6. Karlsson

carlsson clock


7.Wall Clock Giha Woo

wall clock batterys

wall clock batterys in view

 8 . The 5 O’clock

5 o clock

9. Hundreds Tens Units




10. Karlsson Time Talk Flip Clock

Karlsson Time Talk Flip Clock

Redesigning A Smoke Detector

Since i got so much positive feedback on my redesign of the RandomReader. I decided to do a other redesign of a product that irritates me with its ugliness. The smoke detector.


The functional requirements of a smoke alarm are basically:  lots of openings, a led indicator and a test button. For my quick redesign i used the form of a AirportExtreme router from Apple and the front pannel of a Jawbone speaker.



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