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Get The Respect You Deserve

I really like this advertisement cause its: simple, funny and gets the message across.





The Fiscal Cliff In Comics

I was thinking that a disaster called “The Fiscal Cliff” must be a great inspiration for comics artist. So i went onto image search and collected the best ones.

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What if the Bad Guys Win?

This is how the (Disney) world would look if things went wrong. Fun idea and good execution by Justin Mctwisp. PS: Dont show this to your children.

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Art V Cancer

Art V Cancer developed from a project set up by chris thornley known as Raid71. Chris was diagnosed with an incurable non hodgkins
lymphoma at the age of 37 and wanted to ‘give something back’ for the amazing care and treatment he had received.

Since july 2010, Art V Cancer has raised £2500/50 for cancer charities. art v cancer now sells signed limited edition prints from a selection of established artists who wanted to help the cause. Art v cancer can be found on facebook.com/artvcancer an by visiting the website

A Selection of these cool prints

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So you think gadgets are made out of computer chips?

Think again… De Deense artiest Mads Peitersen haalt gadgets op een geheel eigenwijze uit elkaar.

Source here
Tip from smosco

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