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Apple’s new typeface

With the introduction of the Apple Watch they also introduced a new typeface; ‘San Francisco’. The new typeface is designed to be readable on tiny display’s.


You can find a in-dept analyse of the typeface on typedetail.



The Doctors Typeface

I can imagine this might be useful someday to decipher my doctors prescription.


Block Typeface

No idea who made this block alphabet but i really like the end result. Especially the ‘X’

Block type from wood

The most expensive typeface in the world

For there latest campaign The Newyork Lottery created the most expensive typeface in the world: The dollar font:

Comic Sans Project

Dit Franse reclame bureau is niet bang voor Comic Sans. Omdat te laten zien vercommicsanssen ze bekende logo’s omdat Helvetica is zooo 2011 is.

Comic Sans Project from Cephalization on Vimeo.

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