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The Beach Closed Unexpectedly



Baby&Me The New Evian Commercial

Evian-dancing-babys-in-the-mirror-commercial Evian-dancing-babys-commercial

Block Typeface

No idea who made this block alphabet but i really like the end result. Especially the ‘X’

Block type from wood

The worst hotel in the world

The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam have been very succesfully in creating a name for there selve. To bad the name is ‘the worst hotel in the world’.
This is no joke, its a very succesfull bakcpackers hotel in Amsterdam with an expensive advertising agency.

It basically cant get any worse

But! the hotel is eco friendly (by accident)

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Escher vs. IKEA

Yesterday i found this image on Pinterest. I always had this same association looking at the IKEA manuals.

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