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5 Funny Ads to Start Your Week With a Smile

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Get The Respect You Deserve

I really like this advertisement cause its: simple, funny and gets the message across.




VW Get In Happy Super Bowl Commercial

Personally i think VW won the race for best Super Bowl commercial again after last years little Darth Father.


Oh and its the USA so of course there is a racism debate going on about the commercial.

The Fiscal Cliff In Comics

I was thinking that a disaster called “The Fiscal Cliff” must be a great inspiration for comics artist. So i went onto image search and collected the best ones.

cartoon53 945 Schermafbeelding 2013-01-03 om 20.36.26 942 Read More…

The worst hotel in the world

The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam have been very succesfully in creating a name for there selve. To bad the name is ‘the worst hotel in the world’.
This is no joke, its a very succesfull bakcpackers hotel in Amsterdam with an expensive advertising agency.

It basically cant get any worse

But! the hotel is eco friendly (by accident)

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