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10 Extremely Cool Wall Clocks

1. Clockone e-paper clock

clockone 2 epaper

clock one

2. Modaine (Inspired by the Swiss railway)

swiss railway clock

 3 Black & While by Vladin Kibardin

Schermafbeelding 2014-04-20 om 18.39.44

4. Newyork

newyork wallclock

5. Karlsson Big Flip Clock



6. Karlsson

carlsson clock


7.Wall Clock Giha Woo

wall clock batterys

wall clock batterys in view

 8 . The 5 O’clock

5 o clock

9. Hundreds Tens Units




10. Karlsson Time Talk Flip Clock

Karlsson Time Talk Flip Clock


Apple iWatch Concept Design

The best iWatch concepts i have seen yet. I would definitely wear this design from Todd Hamilton day to day.

iwatch concept design

iwatch concept design mockup home

iwatch concept design mockup all screens

Mooi Goed Design

If you are looking for affordable good design. You should definitely check out the Mooi – Goed webshop of my friend Christian Kocx.


I really like this fun and eye-catching coat rack:

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-22 om 13.59.01

He also has a interesting blog on his websites about design and the things that inspire him in his own work.

Bamboo Smartphone

Wood seems to be the new trend in gadget land. After seeing wooden sunglasses & iPad/iPhone docks now check out this bamboo smartphone from ad creations.

baboo jungle phone bamboo smartphone ad creative bamboo smartphone2

Dieter Rams 10 principles for good design

Dieter Rams  is a German industrial designer. He is mostly famous for the Braun consumer products he designed and the influence he has on the work of Jonathan Ive (Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple Computers).

10 Principles

On Brendon Manwaring‘s Pinterest i found a nice recap of Dieter Rams  principles for good design. It makes a good checklist.

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