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Apple iWatch Concept Design

The best iWatch concepts i have seen yet. I would definitely wear this design from Todd Hamilton day to day.

iwatch concept design

iwatch concept design mockup home

iwatch concept design mockup all screens


iPhone 6 Design Concept (Video)

Very nice looking design concept for the iPhone6. I still hope Apple will add some color to the new design like they did with the iPod.

iphone-6-concept-mocup-design2 iphone-6-concept-mocup-design


Prisoners of the Digital Age?

Well i dont feel like one but that is what Felipe Luchi trys to illustrates in this great photoshop’s





Iphone5 mockup’s prt2

Vervolg op iPhone5 prt1 mockup’s.

Een overzicht van de nieuwste (nep) iPhone 5 modellen gemaakt door Apple Fans en creatievelingen.

This one is based on a leaked casing design. It was (october 2011) most likely to be the new iPhone5 model.

Iphone 5 Mock-up’s (prt1)

De nieuwe iPhone komt er bijna aan! tijd om alle fantasie designs en mock-ups bij elkaar te zetten..

Brushed metal

Most likely the winner ^

Dit is misschien ook wat ver gezocht ?

This one is based on a leaked casing design. It was (october 2011) ^

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