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A close look at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Medals (Hi-res)

The Olympic medals Sochi 2014’s feature a “Patchwork Quilt” from the various cultures and ethnicities that Russia has. The medals showcase the landscape of Sochi, with the sun’s golden rays reflecting through a prism of snowy mountain tops onto the sandy beaches of the Black Sea coast.

The Olympic medals will weigh between 460 and 531 and are 10mm thick and 100mm in diameter. In total, about 1,300 medals will be manufactured for the Sochi 2014 Games.

If it would be jewelry i would go for the Silver one 😉

sochi gold olympic medal frontsochin gold olympic medal backsochi silver olympic medal frontsochi silver olympic medal backsochi bronze olympic medal frontsochi bronze olympic medal back

Production of gold medals for SOCHI 2014


Usain Bolt in super slow motion

I found this slowmotion footage of Usain Bolt (the fastest man on earth) running the 100 meter race. You get a good look at his unique technique.

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A close look at the London 2012 Olympic medals


I really like the look of the 2012 olympic medals. The medal has 5 symbolic elements:

  1. The curved background implies a bowl similar to the shape of an amphitheatre
  2. The core emblem is an architectural expression, a metaphor for the modern city
  3. The grid suggests both a pulling together and a sense of outreach
  4. The River Thames in the background is a symbol for London, England.
  5. The square: emphasis the focus on the centre and reinforcing the sense of ‘place’ as in a map inset.

Building the olympic stadion 2012 London

Photos – Constructing the 2012 olympic Stadium in London.


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