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Twisted by Nicholas Kennedy

I found these photo’s by Nicholas Kennedy on Pinterest and i was amazed by the simplicity and yet the originality of the effect he used. I have a feeling you can do more cool stuff with this idea.


Fair about food photography

I really like this video from Mc Donnalds where they come clean about there food photography.

Behind the scenes at a McDonald’s photo shoot:

I must admit that even though the food is obviously altered and fake. It does look more attractive then the “real” and bad photographs you usually see in cheap Turkish restaurants.

Jim Kazanjian, a photoshop artist

Jim Kazanjian creates photo’s of a dark fantasy world by weaving together hundreds of real life photographs of nature, of architecture and landscapes.

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Love in 873 photo’s

Have a look at this Getty Images ad i found on YouTube. It tells a story about love in 60 seconds by showing 870 photo’s in a fast sequence.

Hiding Behind Vinyl Covers

Als je mee wilt doen aan de laatste online trend “Sleeveface” pak je nu je favoriete album op vinyl uit te kast en houd je hem voor je gezicht. Klik klaar! Zo makkelijk is het om hip en trendy te zijn.

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