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Redesigning A Smoke Detector

Since i got so much positive feedback on my redesign of the RandomReader. I decided to do a other redesign of a product that irritates me with its ugliness. The smoke detector.


The functional requirements of a smoke alarm are basically:  lots of openings, a led indicator and a test button. For my quick redesign i used the form of a AirportExtreme router from Apple and the front pannel of a Jawbone speaker.




If Batman would have a speeboat

It would look like this!

No, its not really designed for Batman. This boat is designed by ‘Dame’ for the American art dealer Kenny Schachter. Its a limited edition 7.5 meter long all black vessel. Quote: “The idea is to think of vessels and vehicles as highly individualistic expressions of art, architecture and design reflecting the edge of what is possible using the most advanced means, including materials, software systems and methods of fabrication.”

With its stealthy look it’s a real eyecatcher. But i cant imagine that the black exterior will be very comfortable for your passengers on a sunny day.

Retro movieposter redesigns

Via Stumbleupon vond ik deze websites van grafisch designer waarvan ik de naam niet terug vond op zijn website. Maar hij maakt wel erg strakke redesigns van bekende film posters.

Top Gun



War of the Worlds


The Birds


The Usual Suspects

The Karate Kid

Iphone 5 Mock-up’s (prt1)

De nieuwe iPhone komt er bijna aan! tijd om alle fantasie designs en mock-ups bij elkaar te zetten..

Brushed metal

Most likely the winner ^

Dit is misschien ook wat ver gezocht ?

This one is based on a leaked casing design. It was (october 2011) ^

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