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10 Painfully Incorrect Ads From Still Existing Brands

Its hard to imagine that the big brands of today had advertising like this only a few decades ago.




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10 Examples Of Wrong Ad Placement

Im always amazed by weird places advertises choose to promote there products and position there brands. These are a few examples that are just silly.

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10 Confronting Ads from the World Wildlife Fund for Nature

As Creative as they are confronting. Thats the best way to describe these ads from the WWF.

sealion_zeehond_wwf_shocking_ad forrest_wwf_advertising leaf oil_drum_city_wwf

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The worst hotel in the world

The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam have been very succesfully in creating a name for there selve. To bad the name is ‘the worst hotel in the world’.
This is no joke, its a very succesfull bakcpackers hotel in Amsterdam with an expensive advertising agency.

It basically cant get any worse

But! the hotel is eco friendly (by accident)

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The Depressed Copywriter’s Blog

Life true the eye’s of a depressed copywriter faces you with the fact that it will never be as “good” as you see it in the magazine’s. If you also can laugh about that? Visit the blog of this depressed copywriter

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