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The Coolest Door In The Universe

This Evolution Door by artist Austrian Klemens Torggler is possibly the coolest door ever.

Klemens Torggler Door

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Apple iWatch Concept Design

The best iWatch concepts i have seen yet. I would definitely wear this design from Todd Hamilton day to day.

iwatch concept design

iwatch concept design mockup home

iwatch concept design mockup all screens

Bamboo Smartphone

Wood seems to be the new trend in gadget land. After seeing wooden sunglasses & iPad/iPhone docks now check out this bamboo smartphone from ad creations.

baboo jungle phone bamboo smartphone ad creative bamboo smartphone2

Stunning Photos Of NASA’s Space Program

I found these really great photos of the American Spaceprogram. You can Check all of them out on Dan Winters Website. Some of them remind me of the inside of Google’s datacenter.

american spaceprogram american spaceprogram2 american spaceprogram inside vessel american spaceprogram satelite american spaceprogram red phone american spaceprogram shoot into the sky

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